Beverly Hills Cop [I Love the 80's Edition]

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What's that wisecracking young black guy (Eddie Murphy) in that beat-up Chevy Nova doing in lily-white Beverly Hills? He's Axel Foley, a Detroit detective who's been sent on involuntary vacation because he refuses to drop his intention of avenging his friend's murder. Warned by Beverly Hills police chief Ronny Cox to stay out of trouble, Foley nonetheless dogs the trail of above-the-law Steven Berkoff, the British crime czar who was responsible for the murder of Foley's friend. With the help of sympathetic local cops Judge Reinhold and John Ashton and lady friend Lisa Eilbacher, Foley attempts to corner Berkoff in his mansion, which leads to a wild slapsticky shootout. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Beverly Hills Cop
1. The Heat Is On [4:38]
2. Mikey [6:04]
3. Beverly Hills Cop [5:39]
4. Bananas [3:37]
5. Inspector Foley [6:05]
6. Super Cops [6:17]
7. Picnic [3:52]
8. Surprises [6:10]
9. Serious Trouble [6:02]
10. The Perfect Place [5:59]
11. End Credits [4:08]