I Want Candy

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Tom Riley, Tom Burke, Carmen Electra and Michelle Ryan co-star in British director Stephen Surjik's smutty sex comedy I Want Candy. The picture concerns two film students Baggy (Burke) and Joe (Riley), enrolled at a university in Leatherhead, England. The pair just recently completed a script that they plan to shoot for their graduation thesis, and want to use it to break into the British movie industry. Alas, their professor informs them of a two-minute imposition on the length of the thesis film. Discouraged, Joe and Baggy head off on a trip to London, where they attempt to solicit the interest of producers in the script - but they only succeed in catching the eye of a porn mogul, Doug Perry (Eddie Marsam) who agrees to finance the project if and only if they will turn it into a porno feature and talk ingénue Candy Fiveways (Electra) into starring. Undaunted, the boys set off to locate Candy and convince her to perform in their movie. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- I Want Candy
1. An Untapped Genre [4:27]
2. Reality Check [5:48]
3. Their 2 Minutes [4:27]
4. Genre Research [5:40]
5. Top Notch Crew [3:17]
6. Casting Call [6:53]
7. A Fair Warning [6:40]
8. Fiveways in Person [3:25]
9. Quiet On the Set [5:15]
10. "A Talk With My Director" [4:05]
11. Star Power [5:00]
12. Born Ready [5:16]
13. "Naughty Girl" [4:34]
14. World Premiere [5:32]
15. Victory From Defeat [11:02]
16. End Credits [5:15]