Dark Floors [Widescreen]

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When the concerned father of an autistic young girl decides to forcefully remove his daughter from the hospital where she is currently being treated, his mission is unexpectedly complicated by a horde of murderous creatures that seem to have found their way into our reality from some frightening parallel universe. It was supposed to be so simple: the father would locate his daughter and spring her from the hospital before the staff even knew what was happening. After getting trapped in the elevator on their way out, however, events take a horrifically grim turn as the doors open to reveal that the once sterile and bustling surroundings are now ominously silent and dank. With mutilated bodies strewn about and murderous gang of monsters stalking them through an endless maze of corroded hallways, the only remaining hope for the frightened father and daughter now lies in the affected mind of a little girl who may understand more about the situation than anyone realizes. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Dark Floors
1. Dark Floors [2:31]
2. Not Again [4:23]
3. Wake Up [5:22]
4. Find An Exit [5:46]
5. We Can't Stay Here [5:56]
6. This Is Not Happening [6:40]
7. It Doesn't Hurt [4:55]
8. Exit Blocked [4:46]
9. Go On ! [7:16]
10. Sarah's Gonna Be Okay [5:01]
11. You're One of Them [5:30]
12. Can't Have Gone Far [5:11]
13. Where Are You Going? [4:57]
14. Open the Door! [5:32]
15. Try to Hold On [5:32]
16. End Credits [5:47]