Psychic Killer

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In this hriller, an innocent man is wrongfully committed to an asylum for the criminally insane. While there he learns how to tap into his psychic powers and to affect the lives of others via astral projection. These skills come in mighty handy after he is released and he heads out for revenge against those who framed him. This movie was originally filmed as The Kirlian Force. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Psychic Killer
1. Opening Credits [1:55]
2. Escape Attempt [3:46]
3. Wating for a Train [4:27]
4. No Last Rites [5:42]
5. Thought Dead [3:34]
6. Back Home [4:08]
7. Voices [5:36]
8. Time to Dance and Shower [7:06]
9. Bad Breaks [4:44]
10. A Connection [4:41]
11. A Glass of Milk [4:26]
12. Good Things Happen to Bad Lawyers [6:45]
13. Open Up [3:54]
14. Getting Personal [4:56]
15. Auras [5:12]
16. He's Dead Again [4:06]
17. Choice Cuts [5:40]
18. Judge Jury and Executioner [4:21]
19. Burned [2:43]
20. End Credits [1:48]