King Frat

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We'll wager that King Frat was not precisely this film's original title. True, most of the story takes place in fraternity house. With too much time on their hands, the frat brothers decide to stage a farting contest. Whoever wins this aromatic competition will be crowned as've got it. The overall level of humor was indicated by the character names: John DiSanti plays Grossout, Ray Mann appears as Splash, and so forth. Can we move on to the next topic, please? ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- King Frat
1. Mooning [5:04]
2. Pi Kappa Delta [9:08]
3. Funeral [5:00]
4. Pledge [7:32]
5. Wong's [5:44]
6. Fart Contest [9:45]
7. Loser's Party [9:30]
8. Search [5:06]
9. Peeping Toms [8:22]
10. Veronica's [5:42]
11. Fight [8:25]
12. Court [5:41]

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