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Finding Forrester star Rob Brown steps into the cleats of Heisman Trophy-winning gridiron giant Ernie Davis in director Gary Fleder's inspirational sports docudrama. As a young boy reared not far from the northern Pennsylvania state line, Davis dreamed of blasting through the end zone and scoring a triumphant touchdown while fans rose to their feet and cheered. When Davis later became a star running back for the Syracuse Orangemen, his dreams were finally on the way to becoming a reality. Under the wing of coach Ben Schwartzwalder (Dennis Quaid), it seemed as if there is nothing that could stop Davis from entering into the annals of sports history; even during an era in which the civil rights movement was just gaining momentum, this fledgling gridiron giant never once doubted his ability to rise to the top. When Davis was diagnosed with leukemia shortly after being drafted into the NFL, however, his will to survive soon eclipsed his dreams of success. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- The Express
1. On the Run [6:58]
2. Changing Times [5:42]
3. Knowing Your Place [3:23]
4. Getting Recruited [7:30]
5. Welcome to Syracuse [6:12]
6. Stepping On Toes [2:50]
7. A Special Number [9:02]
8. Big Shoes to Fill [5:55]
9. Different Worlds [4:20]
10. New Game Plan [6:32]
11. By the Rules [8:50]
12. Team Player [6:57]
13. North Vs. South [3:32]
14. The Cotton Bowl [8:44]
15. Not Just a Game Anymore [:25]
16. Trophy Ceremony [9:07]
17. Something's Not Right [9:54]
18. Being the Best [5:26]
19. One of a Kind [5:46]
20. End Titles [5:21]