Caged Fury

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Caged Fury is a cut above the usual torn-blouse Philippine prison picture, thanks to an intriguing gimmick. As has happened so many times before, a group of pneumatic lovelies, wearing the regulation halter tops and cutoffs, are herded together in a jungle stockade. This time, however, there's a mad scientist on the premise. The wacko medico's plan is to convert the lovely prisoners into zombielike human time bombs, programmed to destroy all enemies (and perhaps a few friends). The award-winning cast includes Bernadette Williams, Tafee O'Connell, and Jennifer Laine (watch your back, Meryl Streep!) ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Caged Fury
1. Bomb [2:17]
2. Camp [9:56]
3. A Deal [2:10]
4. Caught [7:25]
5. A Talk [19:20]
6. Escape [11:54]
7. Company [8:39]
8. Bait [3:30]
9. Rape [4:13]
10. A Snitch [1:36]
11. Payback [4:21]
12. Rescue [9:06]