Sergeant Klems

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Peter Strauss, six years removed from his Rich Man Poor Man stardom, stars in the Italian-Spanish Man of Legend. Strauss plays a WW I-era German soldier, who barely escapes being wrongly executed as a spy. He escapes to the French Foreign Legion, then enjoys a torrid romance with Tina Aumont, daughter of a Moroccan rebel leader. Before he knows what hit him, Strauss has become a hero of the rebellion Man of Legend bears no relation to truth, but it goes down easily on a rainy afternoon. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Sergeant Klems
1. Klems [7:08]
2. Ahmed [7:39]
3. Klem's Wife [5:40]
4. Deserter [7:47]
5. Cannons [15:24]
6. Love [4:10]
7. Espionage [9:00]
8. The Attack [9:31]
9. Marriage [6:51]
10. Surrender [7:59]
11. Plane [8:06]
12. Captured [6:18]