Bride Wars

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A clerical error tests the lifelong friendship of two brides-to-be by scheduling their respective weddings at the famed Plaza Hotel on the exact same date in this omantic comedy starring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson. Ever since they were little girls, Liv (Hudson) and Emma (Hathaway) have bonded over planning their weddings down to the very last detail. Now, both in their mid-twenties, Liv and Emma have each found the men they want to spend the rest of their lives with. But while most of the details regarding their respective weddings don't overlap, the one thing that both Liv and Emma have always dreamt of is holding their ceremony at the legendary Plaza Hotel -- New Your City's ultimate bridal destination. Unfortunately, a simple clerical error has scheduled both of their weddings on the exact same date, at the exact same place. As a high-powered lawyer who's used to getting her way, Liv simply isn't willing to settle for anything less than perfection. And though simple schoolteacher Emma has always placed the needs of others above her own, the prospect of making any sacrifices on her big day brings out her inner bridezilla in ways that shock her unsuspecting friends and family. There was a time when Liv and Emma would have done anything for each other, but now that the two best friends are at odds over who will get their dream wedding and who will have to settle for second best, the lacy gloves are off and it's all-out war. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Bride Wars
1. Main Titles [2:00]
2. Two Little Girls [3:52]
3. The Lawyer & the Teacher [2:29]
4. Almost Engaged [4:23]
5. Really Engaged [2:30]
6. Marry Me, Already! [2:59]
7. The Wedding Planner [3:42]
8. The Perfect Dress [1:50]
9. A Terrible Mistake [1:17]
10. Negotiations [4:04]
11. Save the Date [3:20]
12. Shower Showdown [3:29]
13. Maid to Order [2:39]
14. Competitive Planning [4:08]
15. The Doctor of Dance [2:29]
16. Playing Dirty [3:11]
17. Do or Dye [3:10]
18. Two Brides in the House [4:09]
19. Liv's Blue Day [2:10]
20. Missing My Friend [5:41]
21. Mostly, I'm Fine [2:42]
22. Wedding Day [6:15]
23. Here Come the Brides [1:27]
24. The Last Straw [2:36]
25. She's Not Here Anymore [2:05]
26. I'm Awake [2:43]
27. The One Person [1:52]
28. One Year Later/End Titles [5:26]