In Tranzit

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When the female guards at a Soviet prison camp mistakenly receive a shipment of German POWs, their attempts to single out former SS officers yields unexpected complications. World War II Has drawn to a close, but the fight to retain our humanity has just begun. At first, the guards seem to get enjoyment out of sadistically toying with the inmates. But as time passes, individuals on both sides begin to realize that the truth is never as simple as black and white, and that sometimes the most beautiful things can blossom under the harshest of circumstances. John Malkovich, Vera Farmiga, and Thomas Kretschmann star. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- In Tranzit
1. USSR 1946 [10:06]
2. Roll Call [9:43]
3. Soviet Justice [12:36]
4. Guilt [8:00]
5. Reduce Rations [10:19]
6. I Am a Jew [9:42]
7. Remember [10:54]
8. Play Well [11:53]
9. Lucky You [7:53]
10. Lost Faith [9:42]
11. A Few Hours [6:04]
12. End Credits [5:39]