21 Grams [Collector's Edition]

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Mexican filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu makes his first English-language feature with the downbeat drama 21 Grams. Set in an unnamed U.S. urban center, the film uses a nonlinear structure to piece together the intertwined lives of three very different people. Paul (Sean Penn) is a math teacher with a heart problem and a troubled marriage to British wife Mary (Charlotte Gainsbourg). Christine (Naomi Watts) is a former drug addict who lives with her husband, Michael (Danny Huston), and her daughters. Jack (Benicio del Toro) is a born-again Christian with a wife (Melissa Leo) who has stood by him since his days as a criminal. Following a tragic accident, the three main characters are thrown into each other's lives. 21 Grams was shown in competition at the ~2003 Venice International Film Festival. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- 21 Grams [Collector's Edition]
1. Mom Is Waiting for Us [4:03]
2. So This Is Death's Waiting Room? [3:12]
3. Jesus Is Our Hope [4:04]
4. Call an Ambulance [3:09]
5. Washing the Past [4:01]
6. There's No Hitting in This House [3:39]
7. Nobody Saw Him [4:39]
8. Have You Been Drinking? [4:39]
9. Heart-to-Heart [7:03]
10. Duty Bound [4:43]
11. The First Day of My New Life [2:13]
12. Life Does Not Go On [4:19]
13. Original Owner [2:55]
14. Bled Dry [2:02]
15. God Even Knows When a Single Hair Moves... [2:09]
16. Going to Heaven [2:46]
17. Your Friend [3:38]
18. Did You Bring What I Asked You For? [2:40]
19. Making Plans [4:38]
20. Coming Home [4:07]
21. Hidden Numbers [1:39]
22. You Shouldn't Have Done It [4:13]
23. Can I See You Again? [3:40]
24. A Good Heart [11:33]
25. Lack of Evidence [3:48]
26. Daddy, a Pigeon! [3:32]
27. Despair [1:55]
28. Red Shoelaces [4:12]
29. You're Pregnant [:56]
30. How Many Times? [5:06]
31. 21 Grams [2:43]
32. End Titles [6:18]