Creature from the Black Lagoon [The Wolfman $10 Movie Cash]

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@Universal Pictures introduced audiences to yet another classic movie monster with this superbly crafted film, originally presented in 3-D. The story involves the members of a fossil-hunting expedition down a dark tributary of the mist-shrouded Amazon, where they enter the domain of a prehistoric, amphibious "Gill Man" -- possibly the last of a species of fanged, clawed humanoids who may have evolved entirely underwater. Tranquilized, captured, and brought aboard, the creature still manages to revive and escape -- slaughtering several members of the team -- and abducts their sole female member (Julie Adams), spiriting her off to his mist-shrouded lair. This sparks the surviving crewmen to action -- particularly those who fancy carrying the girl off themselves. Director Jack Arnold makes excellent use of the tropical location, employing heavy mists and eerie jungle noises to create an atmosphere of nearly constant menace. The film's most effective element is certainly the monster itself, with his pulsating gills and fearsome webbed talons. The creature was played on land by stuntman Ben Chapman and underwater by champion swimmer Ricou Browning -- who was forced to hold his breath during long takes because the suit did not allow room for scuba gear. The end result was certainly worth the effort, proven in the famous scene where the Gill Man swims effortlessly beneath his female quarry in an eerie ballet -- a scene echoed much later by Steven Spielberg in the opening of Jaws. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1
0. Chapter List
1. Main Titles [1:11]
2. In the Beginning [2:56]
3. In Brazil [6:19]
4. An Attack [5:23]
5. The Dig [4:28]
6. The Black Lagoon [7:35]
7. A Solitary Swim [4:25]
8. The Net [1:50]
9. Big Game Hunt [8:49]
10. Poison Water [4:02]
11. Night Watch [4:17]
12. The Creature Attacks [1:00]
13. Captured [3:09]
14. Breakout [3:24]
15. Trapped [15:20]
16. Abducted [2:31]
17. In the Grotto [1:56]
18. End Titles [:27]