Red Planet

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An effort to circumvent global catastrophe becomes a disaster in its own right in this science fiction thriller. In the year 2050, Earth is on the verge of ecological disaster, and the Mars Terraforming Project has been created in hopes of making our neighboring planet habitable so that a colony of Earthlings might begin a new civilization there. But the project goes awry, and Commander Kate Bowman (Carrie-Anne Moss) is put in charge of a rescue mission to set the system back on its feet. Bringing along astronaut Robby Gallagher (Val Kilmer) and scientists Dr. Quinn Burchenal (Tom Sizemore) and Dr. Bud Chantillas (Terrence Stamp), Bowman and her crew set out for Mars, but disaster strikes and the landing craft crashes into the red planet. The crew is stranded without communications as Bowman struggles to find a way to get them home; to make matters worse, the robot that was designed to serve and protect them has gone haywire, and is now attempting to hunt them down as prey. Red Planet was originally to have been released as Mars, but the producers changed the title to avoid confusion with Mission to Mars, released earlier the same year. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Red Planet
1. Mission Personnel (Credits) [3:39]
2. Interesting Questions [2:43]
3. Shower Power [1:52]
4. Amee and Other Ladies [2:27]
5. Party Animals [4:09]
6. Gamma Burst [3:43]
7. Launch and Shutdown [4:29]
8. Crash Landing [3:10]
9. Zero-Grawity Fire [1:28]
10. Power up, Man Down [3:28]
11. Staying Bahind [3:59]
12. What Happened to HAB? [4:33]
13. Over the Edge [4:57]
14. Precious Breath [4:47]
15. Billion-Dollar Campfire [2:22]
16. Military Mode [3:44]
17. Daylight, Green light [2:40]
18. Contact [4:17]
19. Moving Ground [4:14]
20. Only Two [1:46]
21. Ice Storm [2:46]
22. Watching One's Back [2:07]
23. AMEE's Target [2:27]
24. A Nematode's Life [3:38]
25. Sacrificial Blowtorch [3:55]
26. Cosmos [3:51]
27. What Gallagher Misses [2:37]
28. 'Bye, Sweetie [4:46]
29. Rendezvous in Space [5:54]
30. Memento of Faith [1:32]
31. End Credits [4:10]