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Gus Van Sant returned to his roots in experimental filmmaking with this offbeat feature, whose dialogue was entirely improvised by its two person cast. Two men named Gerry (played by Matt Damon and Casey Affleck) are driving through the desert regions of Death Valley, traveling towards an unknown destination. They pull over and set out on foot, presuming they're getting close to what they've come to find. Before long, Gerry and Gerry are both lost in an unforgiving desert without food, water, or other provisions, and the harder they try to find their way back to their car, they only dig themselves deeper and deeper into the desert. Gus Van Sant originally began shooting Gerry in Argentina, but was soon dissatisfied with the weather and the terrain, opting to start over in California and Utah; the film premiered at ~the 2002 Sundance Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. The Road [6:30]
2. The Path [4:04]
3. "Barreling Down the Road" [7:21]
4. Conquering Thebes [5:18]
5. Scouting [6:08]
6. Dirt Mattress [12:14]
7. Mountains or Water? [5:51]
8. "Where Are You Going?" [12:09]
9. Too Many Gerrys [6:53]
10. Destitute [8:34]
11. Mirage [:30]
12. On Empty [3:16]
13. "I'm Leaving" [8:02]
14. End Credits [13:33]

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