Prophecy: Forsaken

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Forces of good and evil are in hot pursuit of a book with tremendous supernatural powers in the fifth installment of the The Prophecy franchise. A young woman named Allison comes into possession of an unusual book. Allison discovers the strange volume is the Lexicon, a book with great spiritual powers that will predict the coming of the Antichrist. Soon minions of both heaven and hell are chasing Allison, hoping to get their hands on the book; few mortals seem to believe her, though, with the exception of a lawman (Jason Scott Lee), who attempts to protect her against the agents of the afterlife. The Prophecy: Forsaken also stars Jason London, Tony Todd, and John Light. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- The Prophecy: Forsaken
1. The First Move [5:50]
2. I Won't Miss [3:52]
3. Man or Angel? [6:23]
4. Third Eye [5:18]
5. The Politics of Heaven [7:53]
6. Funeral Procession [5:14]
7. Sacred Ground [9:12]
8. Stark's Problem [4:18]
9. The Devil's Work [6:53]
10. The Last Page [7:04]
11. Protect the Book [8:15]
12. End Credits [4:28]