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Shauna (Liv Tyler) has two men competing for her affections -- one a Christian named Joe (Patrick Wilson), the other an atheist named Gavin (Charlie Hunnam). Events transpire in such a way that Gavin ends up on the ledge of a tall apartment building and Joe gives him one hour to jump to his death or another person is going to die. All the while, a police officer (Terrence Howard) tries to talk Gavin off of the ledge. The Ledge was directed by Matthew Chapman. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Ledge
1. Opening Credits [8:36]
2. Do You Have Any? [7:18]
3. Email Directions [6:51]
4. Sacred Object [7:01]
5. I Forgot Something [7:16]
6. I Got Mine Coming [7:18]
7. Joe Takes Care of Me [7:54]
8. Life is finite [7:57]
9. You're Perfect [7:55]
10. That's My Daughter [8:05]
11. One Night [7:39]
12. I Have No Fear [6:09]
13. Please Come In [6:37]
14. Ending Credits [4:01]


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