Real Steel

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A retired pugilist transitions to the business side of the ropes after human boxers are replaced by robotic ones in director Shawn Levy's feature-length adaptation of the Twilight Zone episode "Steel." Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) was a true contender when the sport of boxing was changed forever. Now, instead of humans duking it out for the masses, huge, powerful steel robots trade blows in the ring. As a result, former gladiator Charlie has been forced into the role of two-bit promoter, piecing together cut-rate fighting bots from scrap metal as he makes the rounds on the underground boxing circuit. Just when it seems that Charlie has sunken to the nadir of his career, his estranged 11 year old son, Max (Dakota Goyo), offers him the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at a comeback by constructing and training a true champion. Now the stakes are higher than ever before, and Charlie is about to get a second chance at leaving an indelible mark on the sport he once dedicated his life to. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Real Steel
1. Opening Titles [3:00]
2. Charlie Kenton [7:37]
3. Wheeling & Dealing [8:11]
4. Noisy Boy Has Arrived [5:39]
5. Crash Palace [9:44]
6. Metal Valley [7:07]
7. Atom [7:23]
8. He Was Beautiful [3:22]
9. The Champ Is Here [5:06]
10. The Zoo [7:45]
11. Trainin Atom [7:32]
12. Climbing The Ranks [5:52]
13. Twin Cities [8:01]
14. Fight For Me [6:21]
15. Go Get Him, Charlie [6:28]
16. The Mighty Zeus [9:02]
17. Toe-To-Toe [4:04]
18. Final Round [4:54]
19. People's Champion [3:28]
20. End Credits [5:59]