Flash Point

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SPL power duo Wilson Yip and Donnie Yen re-team for this raucous action film about a loose-cannon cop on the trail of three drug-dealing brothers. Jun (Yen) is the kind of cop who always gets his man, but may set a whole city block ablaze in the process. Though his superiors are constantly on his case, Jun knows how to get the job done and never hesitates to innovate in times of crisis. Archer (Lui Leung Wai), Tony (Collin Chou), and Tiger (Xing Yu) are three dope slingers who supply the product for much of the local drug trade, and Jun is determined to take them down at all costs. Assisting Jun in his task is undercover cop Wilson (Louis Koo), a seasoned veteran capable of infiltrating the gang and gaining their trust. Though Wilson is at first successful in his mission, his cover is soon blown and a fierce battle leaves him unable to walk on his own. Fortunately for the good guys, Archer is captured in the violent fracas. While at first this seems like a major coup for law enforcement, the small victory takes a grim turn when vengeful brother Tiger vows to eliminate sole witness Wilson before the case ever goes to trial. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Flash Point
1. My Duty Is... [4:37]
2. This is How We Take Care of Business [6:12]
3. Step on the Gas! [9:18]
4. The Suspect is Here [10:34]
5. Are You Guilty? [7:18]
6. You've Been Reassigned [8:38]
7. Where is Tony? [3:50]
8. I'm Already Two Months [6:39]
9. Toss Me Your Gun [4:37]
10. ...To Catch Criminals [9:55]
11. ...To Fight Criminals [13:14]
12. End Credits [2:07]