Snow Buddies [2 Discs] [Blu-ray/DVD]

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The Air Bud saga continues with this, the seventh installment in the @Disney series. This time around, the cute and cuddly puppies from Air Buddies find themselves in the icy terrain of Alaska, where they'll meet some new friends, compete in a sled race, and try to find their way home. Richard Karn and Cynthia Stevenson are among the two-legged cast members. ~ Matthew Tobey, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Snow Buddies
1. Snow Buddies [3:18]
2. Dogs Around Town [6:07]
3. Ferntiuktuk, Alaska [8:06]
4. Lost In Alaska [8:07]
5. Dog Sledding [6:03]
6. Lessons From The Wise Wolf [5:12]
7. All I Want For Christmas [4:13]
8. Let The Training Begin [6:40]
9. Doggie Tracks [5:08]
10. Get Ready To Sled [:07]
11. Sabotage [6:53]
12. Missing In Action [3:55]
13. Seeking Shelter [4:02]
14. A Daring Rescue [1:54]
15. End Of The Race [5:00]
16. Home Sweet Home [5:25]

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