Big Foot

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This campy oddity -- featuring John Carradine in one of his patented walk-on roles -- pits some silly facsimile of a motorcycle gang against an even sillier stuntman in a deep-pile shag suit who is supposed to be the legendary humanoid lurker of the Northwestern wilderness. It seems Bigfoot has developed an understandable liking for buxom human females (including Joy Lansing and one-time Russ Meyer regular Haji), whom he abducts and carries off to his scenic woodland retreat and ties to ridiculously scrawny trees. Apparently the bike boys are jealous -- abducting curvaceous cuties is also a favorite pastime of theirs -- and they embark on an uncoordinated rescue mission. Predating mid-'70s Bigfoot-mania (sparked by the famous home-movie sightings), this goofy outing is probably more entertaining than Legend of Boggy Creek and a dozen other "serious" pseudo-documentaries on the subject. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Big Foot
1. Tracks in the Woods [9:53]
2. Opening Credits [9:33]
3. Bigfoot Bikini Brawl [11:31]
4. Night Hunt [9:23]
5. Can't Fool Jasper [8:38]
6. Howdy Sheriff [11:42]
7. Bound by Bigfoots! [9:11]
8. Bagged a Baby Bigfoot [12:09]
9. End Credits [1:38]