Substitute 4: Failure is Not an Option

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An undercover commando poses as a teacher to root out the neo-Nazis at a military academy in this fourth installment of the tough-love educational/action saga. At the behest of a friend, commando Karl Thomasson (Treat Williams) heads to an Atlanta academy so he can root out the racist skinheads who are running amok. As it turns out, the little white supremacists are working at the behest of the school's uber-racist headmaster, Brack (Patrick Kilpatrick). Thomasson finds an ally, or at least a bedmate, in the person of Jenny (Angie Everhart), the school's medical officer. Meanwhile, he bullies the skinheads, rallies the other students, and uncovers a plot to blow up a minority-built nuclear power plant. Although this is the fourth episode in the series, it's only the third outing for Williams, who took over from Tom Berenger in the second installment. Director Bob Radler previously helmed The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All. ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Scene Index
1. War Zone/Opening Credits [5:48]
2. The Mission Unfolds [2:24]
3. Cult Academy [3:48]
4. "Welcome" [3:36]
5. First Lesson [2:51]
6. Home Sweet Home [1:44]
7. Brainwash [4:35]
8. Inside Story [2:28]
9. Werewolf Glory [4:07]
10. False Honor [3:07]
11. Getting Together [3:41]
12. Secret Training [4:17]
13. Conversation [2:52]
14. The Call of Duty [6:55]
15. Field Trip [2:34]
16. Dance of Deception [3:09]
17. Covert Ops [4:42]
18. Backup [4:13]
19. Evidence [3:18]
20. Trail of Hatred [3:35]
21. Head Case [6:02]
22. Last Exam [6:39]
23. Fight for Justice [1:41]
24. End Credits [2:56]