Casting Shadows

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The acoustic guitar in "Kein Zurück" should be the first indication that Wolfsheim is maturing. It's a tad unusual for this synth pop notable, but this unexpected element fits in acceptably after the initial jolt. Another chance the German duo takes is slowing things down a notch. The first half of Casting Shadows hovers around 100 bpm. After the success of the dance tracks from Spectators, that may or may not be a good idea. Wolfsheim's fifth album shows signs of a band mellowing out but slightly losing its passion. Among the slower tracks is "Care for You," a leisurely excursion that accents Peter Heppner's distinguished vocals. "Find You're Gone" and "Wundervoll" (one of a couple tracks sung in German) are appropriate for the clubs and are memorable just not quite as strong or emotional. There isn't another "Once in a Lifetime," but there is plenty of romantic synth pop here nonetheless. ~ Kenyon Hopkin, Rovi