Last Mimzy [Widescreen]

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@New Line Cinema founder Robert Shaye's directorial debut, the family-friendly science-fiction tale The Last Mimzy is an adaptation of a short story by Lewis Padgett. The story concerns a young brother and sister, Noah and Emma Wilder (Chris O'Neil and Rhiannon Leigh Wryn), who discover a strange box of artifacts one day while vacationing at the family's summer cottage. When the objects in the box begin to act in strange and mysterious ways, the pair decides to hide it from their mother (Joely Richardson) and workaholic father (Timothy Hutton). When Noah begins to display a previously unknown flair for advanced scientific concepts, the boy's teacher (Rainn Wilson) takes an interest in him. The two youngsters soon become the object of much interest from the government after their new discovery causes a large blackout. Eventually, the duo discovers that they are responsible for helping save the future of humankind, and Emma's precious stuffed rabbit might be something much more than it appears to be. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- The Last Mimzy
2. The Story of Mimzy [:31]
3. An Ordinaru Family [:32]
5. Whidbey Island [3:03]
6. Mimzy the Teacher [:47]
8. Vivid Dreams [1:20]
9. Heightend Senses [:02]
10. Dimensions [2:48]
13. The Teacher and the Student [:15]
15. "Can I Show You Something?" [1:04]
19. Lights Out [2:21]
20. Building a Bridge [:48]
21. A Very Special Hand [2:27]
24. A Look Into the Future [:49]
27. Under Surveillance [:11]
30. An Early Exit [2:20]
32. Time Travel [:32]
35. Epilogue [1:27]
36. End Credits [3:01]
1. The Story of Mimzy [1:00]
2. An Ordinary Family [:31]
3. Whidbey Island [:32]
4. Mimzy the Teacher [:28]
5. Vivid Dreams [3:03]
6. Heightened Senses [:47]
7. Dimensions [2:31]
8. The Teacher and the Student [1:20]
9. "Can I Show You Something?" [:02]
10. Lights Out [2:48]
11. Building a Bridge [1:47]
12. A Very Special Hand [1:57]
13. A Look Into the Future [:15]
14. Under Surveillance [3:22]
15. An Early Exit [1:04]
16. Time Travel [:21]
17. Epilogue [1:05]
18. End Credits [2:37]