Law Abiding Citizen

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Jamie Foxx stars as an assistant DA who finds himself at the mercy of a spiteful vigilante (Gerard Butler) hell-bent on avenging the death of his wife and daughter, whose murderers are set free due to legal loopholes. F. Gary Gray (The Italian Job) directs from a script by Frank Darabont and Kurt Wimmer. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Law Abiding Citizen
1. Home Invasion/ Main Title [3:33]
2. What You Can Prove In Court [7:16]
3. Lethal Injection [7:31]
4. "You Can't Fight Fate" [8:14]
5. Taken Into Custody [10:39]
6. "Make The Deal" [3:26]
7. Contempt Of Court [6:24]
8. Steak With All The Trimmings [7:59]
9. Born Tactician [7:42]
10. This Broken Thing [5:01]
11. "It's Gonna Be Biblical" [3:56]
12. City Under Siege [4:36]
13. Subterranean Passage [7:26]
14. Center Of Gravity [4:51]
15. "I Don't Make Deals With Murderers" [5:12]
16. End Credits [7:32]