Selling Help

We will buy most CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and Games.  All sell orders must be placed through our site.  We will be able to process your order quickly if you enclose the packing list with your shipment. You pay for outgoing shipping, but we will reimburse you (USPS Medial Mail rate) based on the number of items accepted.

Please make sure that the title you have in hand and what you selected to place in your cart match. If the item you send us is not the same as that quoted in your sell order, you will be credited the current price for that UPC.

Can’t find an item?  Email  If it is an item we need, we will reply with a price.

If you have an order of more than 100 pieces and don’t want to enter them on the site, you may email a list to to receive a bulk quote.

Items in the shopping cart will be emptied after 90 minutes of inactivity. Be sure to place your order within the 90 minute time frame. You may also add items to My Stuff. When you buy a CD, DVD Blu-ray or Game, we'll store it under My Stuff so you'll have instant access to the current trade-in value. To add additional titles simply select Music: Add Titles or Movies: Add Titles. My Collection does not empty after 90 minutes and may be accessed at any time.

If you send us an item that we cannot accept, we will email you immediately and you can tell us if you want it shipped back or we can dispose of it for you.

You are welcome to sell your items at any of our retail stores.* However, quotes given via email or through our website are only valid for items mailed to our Shepherdsville, KY processing center. The pricing in our stores varies based on the need of stores. They cannot honor prices offered through the internet.

*Per local ordinances some stores do not buy used product.

Learn more about Payment Methods

Learn more about shipping items to us and Shipping Reimbursement

Learn more about what we will accept or reject Item Acceptance

Payment Methods

  • Online Credit - Online Store Credit will be issued to your account within 3 business days of receiving and processing your order.  Sorry, this credit cannot be applied to orders placed before the credit is issued.
  • Cash by Check - A check will be issued within 3 business days after receiving and processing your package.  The check will be sent to the address used at the time the order was created. Please note that the checks are issued by Trans World Entertainment, not Checks usually take one to three weeks in the mail. In some rare cases, it may take up to 1 month for delivery.
  • Cash by PayPal - A deposit will be made to your PayPal account within 3 business days after receiving and processing your package.  The email address on your account must match the email address on your PayPal account.  NOTE:  You may be charged a processing fee by PayPal – consult your PayPal account for more information on fees.

Shipping and Reimbursement

You can ship your items to us any way you choose, but we recommend USPS Media Mail, since we will reimburse that amount.  Many people use USPS Priority Mail, UPS, FedEx or DHL as well.  If it's a large amount of items, you may want to insure it.  Sorry, we cannot be responsible for any damage or loss that occurs during shipping.  We cannot accept drop-offs at our distribution center.

Packing for shipment. When you are selling a large number of items, we recommend splitting your order and shipping it in several boxes.  Mark each package “BOX 1 of 4”, “BOX 2 of 4”, etc. We recommend boxing the CDs securely in smaller boxes.  Then place the smaller boxes in a larger box, surrounding the small boxes with packing material to provide cushioning.

USPS packing needs extra attention. Take extra care packaging orders shipped by USPS. We have seen an increase in damaged shipments delivered by USPS. Be sure that the box is not packed too heavy and to use extra packing materials. We reserve the right to refuse any package damaged in transit. Packages may be refused at the post office or upon delivery to the processing center. Boxes with open corners, split sides, crushed, ripped or retaped by the shipper will be returned. Sorry, we cannot reimburse postage for refused packages.

You are welcome to ship multiple sell orders in the same box.  Be sure to include packing slips for all orders.  If you ship multiple orders in the same box, the orders will be combined and you will only receive one shipping reimbursement based on the number of units accepted from the combined order.

Once your order is received, we usually process the items within 3 business days.  Payment will be issued based on the method you selected during the checkout process.  If you send us an item that we cannot accept, we will email you immediately and you can tell us if you want it shipped back or we can dispose of it for you.

Orders not received within 30 days of the order date will be canceled.

Shipping reimbursement. We offer shipping credit for up to 25 items! Just meet the BOTH of the following 2 criteria in one transaction we'll give you a shipping credit for the Media Mail rate of your shipment.

  • Trade in 5 or more items priced $0.25 or higher
  • Trade in $10 or more

This credit is based on the number of items sold and the product total for one transaction (see our postage credit below). Please note we will only provide credit for items that are ACCEPTED.

  • Trade in 5-8 items; receive $3.23 credit
  • Trade in 9-12 items; receive $3.64 credit
  • Trade in 13-16 items; receive $4.05 credit
  • Trade in 17-20 items; receive $4.46 credit
  • Trade in 21-24 items; receive $4.87 credit
  • Trade in 25 or more items; receive $5.26 credit

The credit will appear in your account when we receive your trade-ins. Sorry, we cannot offer more credit if your shipping costs are higher. If you ship multiple sell orders in the same box, the orders will be combined and you will only receive one shipping reimbursement based on the number of units accepted from the combined order.

Item Acceptance:

  • Prices are based on the scanned UPC. You may choose to search using a different method; however the item we receive will be accepted and received at the scanned UPC price.
  • Prices offered on our site are for items acquired for personal enjoyment use only.  “Personal enjoyment use” refers to items acquired with the intent of listening, playing, or watching by an individual.  Sorry, prices are not valid for overstocked items, excess business inventory items, items acquired with the intent of resale or items acquired for any other purpose.
  • Limit of two copies per title per customer.  (if you'd like us to make an exception, please email us.)  This does not override the Personal Enjoyment policy listed above.  We understand that you may occasionally have a duplicate copy.  If you have more than one copy of a large number of the items you are selling, we do not consider the items to be of “personal enjoyment use” and you need to contact us before sending the items to us. 
  • Disc(s) must be in good shape. If the disc has a couple of light scratches, we will accept the item. If there are numerous and/or deep scratches and we can buff the disc to a sellable condition, we will accept the item and charge a $0.35 fee to refurbish the disc. If we cannot fix the disc, we will reject the item.
  • Items must include all liner notes.  CD liner notes include front booklet & back jewel case insert.  We do not accept items missing any original artwork or inserts.
  • We do not accept items with any writing on the artwork. Initials written on the disc are accepted as long as the writing is small.
  • Price stickers, rental stickers and large stickers on cases will be subject to the jewel case replacement fee.  Stickers describing features of the disc are acceptable.  Other small stickers (less than 1 inch square) are acceptable as long as they do not feature prices. 
  • Box Sets must include original box and any inserts. Games must include any related accessories (such as special controllers, etc.) and specialized packaging (i.e. Game Boy cartridge holders).
  • We accept record club (BMG, Columbia House) items. You do not need an exact UPC match. Just select by Keyword, Artist of Title. If you find multiple results, compare label, track listing and image to find the closet match. Record club codes can also be searched by entering the code (example: D122346) and choosing search by UPC on the sell page.
  • Items are accepted without the jewel cases. We deduct $0.35 from the total paid for each cracked, broken or missing jewel case
  • The purpose of our SELL TO US pages is to give individuals a way to get money for items they have bought for their personal listening pleasure. Most items that are hole-punched or cut are given out as promotional items or sold at very low prices. Item that are cut-out or promotional items will be taken on a title by title basis. If we have a need for them, we will accept them. If we are currently well-stocked on the item, we will not. Please send a list of these items to: QUOTES@SECONDSPIN.COM We will review the lists and let you know which items can be accepted.
  • We cannot accept items that are stamped "Promotional".
  • We only buy DVDs marked as Region 1 (US & Canada) or Region Free/All
  • We do not purchase "bootleg" CDs, CDRs or overseas Region coded or previous rental DVDs or Games.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any package damaged in transit. Pack Carefully!
  • Orders sent in violation of these policies may be rejected in their entirety.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any sell order at our discretion.