Gardening Mama

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After conquering the kitchen on DS and Wii, Mama brings her touch screen-style homemaking skills to the backyard. Similar to the control scheme used in Majesco's Cooking Mama games, Gardening Mama has players using stylus strokes to plant, prune, and pick a bounty of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. As many as 35 different plants are available for play. As with cooking, instructions must be followed correctly for best results, as different plants require different care. Fertilizer helps plants grow big and strong, and pests must be eliminated. Items the player harvests can be used to create finished products, such pressed flowers, jam from fruit, and jack-o'-lanterns from pumpkins. These products can be collected and traded with other players online. Success in the garden unlocks new outfits and accessories for Mama to wear and items such as planters, pots, and fencing that let players customize their garden space.

Game Controls


Start Button = pause, resume game
Touch Screen With Stylus = all commands, select menu item