Generator Rex: Agent of Providence

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Players wage technologically enhanced third-person combat, against throngs of vicious E.V.O. mutants, as Generator Rex: Agent of Providence. In the first retail game based on the animated series, emphasis is placed on providing fans with an appropriate sense of power as they unleash the hero's nanite-derived special abilities. Rex Salazar slams and smashes his foes, with giant biomechanical hands or feet, and with more powerful weapons that can be unlocked by blueprints found throughout the adventure. Action plays out in multiple environments, including the jungle, desert, and city.

Game Controls


Control Stick = rex move
C Button = block/dodge
Z Button = use items
D-Pad Left = smack hands
D-Pad Up = slam cannon
D-Pad Right = omega build select
D-Pad Down = bfs
B Button = light attack/activate
Hold B Button = variety attack
A Button = jump
Plus Button = omega active
1 Button = pause menu
2 Button = evolution menu