BASEketball [Widescreen]

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David Zucker directed this slapstick sports comedy starring South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Competing two-on-two against some basketball jocks, goofballs Joe Cooper (Parker) and Doug Remer (Stone) attempt to win by devising new rules while they play. Thus is born the bizarre game of "BASEketball." Rules: Court position decides whether a sunk basket counts as a single, a home run, or whatever; the opposing team can retrieve missed shots. Verbal abuse is allowed. Ditto for gross-outs -- or anything to annoy the shooter. The game becomes popular in driveways, so sports promoter Ted Denslow (Ernest Borgnine) proposes a deal to form a pro league. Dallas Felons owner Baxter Cain (Robert Vaughn), hopes to increase revenues with product placements and pro endorsements, but he needs the okay of team owners. Ted dies during the season finals, leaving Cain to deal with his widow Yvette (Jenny McCarthy). However, Ted willed the team to Cooper, who must win the upcoming season or ownership goes to Yvette. Cameos by Bob Costas and Al Michaels. ~ Bhob Stewart, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1
0. Chapter List
1. A Boy's Dream [4:54]
2. Slackers [2:27]
3. A New Game [1:07]
4. Squeak's New Job [2:34]
5. Baseketball [2:10]
6. The Big Time [1:40]
7. Tragedy Strikes [1:33]
8. Jenna's Kids [5:10]
9. Denslow's Will [:36]
10. The New Season [3:13]
11. Joey's Wish [2:36]
12. Three Home Runs? [:03]
13. "Saving" Joey [4:42]
14. Jenna's Visit [2:32]
15. Cain's Offer [4:38]
16. Partners [2:25]
17. For The Playoffs [3:00]
18. Beerswear [3:56]
19. The Naked Truth [:18]
20. Off To Calcutta [2:40]
21. Where's Coop? [4:55]
22. The Denslow Cup [2:20]
23. Kiss And Make Up [3:47]
24. The Big Comeback [1:06]
25. Coop's Crisis [2:07]
26. The Last Chance [3:22]
27. The Winners! [2:15]
28. Reggie [4:08]
29. Kings Of The World [1:12]
30. End Titles [:55]