Fabulously Fit Moms: Lower Body Burn - Featuring Jennifer Nicole Lee

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After the birth of her second child, Jennifer Nicole Lee felt horrified to discover that her weight had ballooned over time to an excess of 200 lbs. Never one to take dissatisfaction sitting down, Lee determined to use exercise to lose 80 of those pounds - and emerged with a fit, trim and sexy body that culled the attention of talk show maven Oprah Winfrey and other celebrities. Now, Lee hosts Fabulously Fit Moms, a series of at-home exercise releases for mothers who wish to improve their physiques. Her Fabulously Fit Moms: Lower Body Burn is specifically designed for post-natal mothers with baggy, chubby and untoned bodies. The included routine - which requires the use of light hand weights, ankle weights, a scarf and an exercise mat not included with the video - is designed to help moms slim, trim, tone and sculpt target areas of the lower body such as legs, abs and glutes. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Fabulously Fit Moms: With Jennifer Nicole Lee - Lower Body Burn
1. Warm Up [1:00]
3. Standing Sculpt Combo [16:23]
4. Floor Sculpt Combo [10:16]
5. Stretch [4:07]