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A modern tale of morality, director David Mackenzie's stylish sex comedy centers on the exploits of a Los Angeles gigolo working his way to infamy one mattress at a time. Nicki (Ashton Kutcher) is the epitome of big-city sexuality. Terminally hip and always fashionable, he's a sexual grifter who operates by his own set of rules. But in Nicki's world of money, power, and fame, true stardom is fleeting. As Nicki climbs the ladder of conquest and begins focusing his attentions on an older, well-to-do client (Anne Heche), a strange thing happens -- he begins developing actual feelings for a pretty young waitress. Little does Nicki realize that he's about to fall victim to his own seductive game. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Disc #1 -- Spread
1. Main Title/ One Pick Up Line [7:32]
2. Creating Equity [6:55]
3. The Mice Will Party [5:49]
4. Sorry for Getting Caught [8:42]
5. No Coffee, No Hikes [6:39]
6. Hustling the Hustler [10:49]
7. 6 Inches & A Pretty Face [4:36]
8. Homeless and Friendless [9:52]
9. Kissing a lot of Frogs [1:38]
10. A Moment of Clarity [11:23]
11. A Five for the Grocery Boy [6:55]
12. End Credits [9:58]