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From the opening bassline and tambourine of their debut album, it is clear that the Subdudes are no ordinary band. Rooted in the music of New Orleans, the Subdudes are a soulful band clearly influenced by local acts such as the Neville Brothers. The arrangements focus on the interplay between the musicians to create a relaxed groove -- the music is dense but never cluttered, and the Subdudes make use of accordion and alternate percussive instruments such as congas to give the music an organic feel. The most striking feature of the band, however, is the impassioned vocal performances; earthy harmonies are their trademark, and they are used to great effect to create singalong choruses in songs such as "Got You on His Mind" and "Need Somebody." This album is great party music, and the uplifting songs effectively capture the spirit of New Orleans. ~ Vik Iyengar, Rovi