Bridge of Dragons

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A military leader who is drunk with power tries to take control of a rival kingdom in this rumble in the jungle Dolph Lundgren action thriller. The young princess who helps guide the nation flees for her life, and a champion warrior (Lundgren) is set out by the crazed general to capture her. But before his assignment is completed, the warrior finds his loyalties are severely tested. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1
0. Chapters
1. Prelude/Main Title [3:07]
2. The Rebels [5:13]
3. The Princess [8:42]
4. The Truth [2:47]
5. The Wedding Day [3:41]
6. Escape [8:28]
7. The Rescue [8:11]
8. The Road Back [4:08]
9. Turning Tables [6:30]
10. Welcome to the Revolution [5:53]
11. The Night Before Attack [1:46]
12. The Attack [10:40]
13. A Deal in the Woods [4:37]
14. Deceit [1:13]
15. Roulette [7:35]
16. The Final Battle [9:00]