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This low-budget sci-fi parody pokes fun at such "space operas" as Star Wars and Alien as it chronicles the adventures of the starship Infinity where poor Captain Cornelius Butt finds himself playing "mommy" to a baby alien while handsome crewman Thor falls in love with the beautiful robot pilot Galaxina and tries to turn her into a real woman. The film is best known for being the last screen appearance of rising-starlet Dorothy Stratten, the beautiful 20-year-old Playboy model who was brutally murdered by her estranged husband shortly after this film premiered. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Chapter List

Chapter Breaks
0. Chapter Breaks
1. Program start [3:41]
2. Policing the Transgalactic Corridor [11:26]
3. "Your visit has climaxed an already dull day" [4:07]
4. Dinner with Galaxina [8:19]
5. A new mission [4:47]
6. First stop - Kitty's! [6:06]
7. An unwelcome guest in the cryosleep chamber [2:02]
8. Galaxina's reprogramming [4:16]
9. Twenty-seven years later [1:40]
10. Galaxina reveals all [3:44]
11. Shot down [2:05]
12. Searching for Frank Future and The Blue Star [7:08]
13. "Hi noon" [3:36]
14. "They've stolen our lord!" [8:41]
15. Saved! [7:29]
16. End credits [4:37]