One Magic Christmas

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The "magic" in One Magic Christmas is often (and surprisingly) of the "black" variety. Like Jimmy Stewart before her, worn-out wife and mother Mary Steenburgen wishes that she'd never been born. And like Stewart, Steenburgen is visited by a guardian angel, in this case the western-garbed Harry Dean Stanton. Instead of granting Steenburgen's wish, Stanton shows her what life would be like without Christmas--and that vision is as grim as anything you're ever likely to see in any Holiday film. Throughout the horrendous tragedies heaped upon Steenburgen, we are comforted in the knowledge that Stanton is working in concert with Steenburgen's young daughter. Steenburgen learns her lesson of course, but what a ride! ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. chapter selection
1. Opening Credits/Gideon's Assignment [3:34]
2. A Tough Year [3:35]
3. Gideon Works His Magic [6:49]
4. A Bad Day At Work [3:25]
5. Talk Of Angels [3:40]
6. Letter To Santa [2:05]
7. Abbie Meets Gideon [5:30]
8. A Visit With Great-Granddad [3:37]
9. "Don't Be Afraid" [4:30]
10. Late-Night Walk [2:52]
11. Not Much Christmas Spirit [3:34]
12. The Service Station [1:38]
13. Disaster At The Bank [8:00]
14. An Angel's Touch [2:48]
15. "Bad Things Happen" [5:53]
16. The Real Santa Claus [8:53]
17. A Letter From The Past [3:52]
18. A Very Special Gift [4:14]
19. A Second Chance [1:49]
20. And To All A Good Night [5:22]
21. End Credits [2:57]