Prince of Egypt [Widescreen]

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@Dreamworks Pictures has taken the biblical story of Exodus, put it into cartoon form, and released it on the big screen as an epic animated feature. The Prince of Egypt tells the story of Moses releasing the Jews from Egyptian slavery under the hand of the evil pharaoh Rameses. Think of The Ten Commandments with songs and an all-star cast doing the voices. In the Charlton Heston role of Moses is Val Kilmer. Moses' brother Rameses, previously played by Yul Brynner, is now voiced by Ralph Fiennes. The story revolves around these two close brothers, Moses and Rameses. While Rameses is groomed to take over the land, his beloved brother Moses is a carefree prankster, until he learns the true secret of his past. His secret, of course, is that he is really a Jew and as a child was floated down the river to escape mass genocide. The pharaoh Seti (Patrick Stewart) raised Moses as his son. Upon learning the truth of his past from a burning bush, Moses returns to Egypt with God on his side and demands that the pharaoh (now his brother Rameses) must "Let my people go." With songs written by Oscar-winner Stephen Schwartz and sung by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, The Prince of Egypt covers all the classic story points of the story of Moses, including the ten plagues and the parting of the Red Sea. ~ Arthur Borman, Rovi

Chapter List

Scene Index
0. Scene Index
1. Deliver Us (Main Title) [4:15]
2. The River [3:59]
3. Chariot Race [2:53]
4. One Weak Link [2:26]
5. Rameses' Hiding Place [1:24]
6. Desert Flower [4:01]
7. You are Our Brother [3:19]
8. All I Ever Wanted [2:01]
9. Hieroglyph Nightmare [1:32]
10. Sacrifice [1:45]
11. This is Your Home [1:33]
12. Slavery [4:02]
13. The Sand Storm [4:07]
14. Through Heaven's Eyes [4:46]
15. Burning Bush [5:44]
16. The Mission [2:56]
17. Let My People Go [2:52]
18. Playing With the Big Boys [3:13]
19. Rameses vs. Moses [2:27]
20. Nile of Blood [5:46]
21. Plagues [3:02]
22. Ultimatum [1:02]
23. Death of the Firstborn [2:59]
24. When You Believe [4:40]
25. Parting the Red Sea [5:26]
26. The Closing of the Red Sea [3:43]
27. Goodbye Brother [3:05]
28. End Credits [2:19]