For Richer or Poorer [Widescreen]

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Plagued by debts, New Yorkers Brad (Tim Allen) and Caroline (Kirstie Alley) Sexton continue to live the high life while maintaining the deception of wealth. But then real estate developer Brad learns his accountant has balanced the books in his own favor, appropriated 5 million, and flown to South America -- after first devising a set-up in which only Brad and Caroline would be blamed by the IRS. With IRS agent Derek Lester (Larry Miller) on their tail, the Sextons escape from New York. They arrive at the Amish community of Intercourse, Pennsylvania, where they pose as the Missouri relatives of farmer Samuel Yoder (Jay O. Sanders). It's the perfect hiding place, but it requires Brad and Caroline to suppress their previous sophisticated lifestyle, as they attempt to adopt Amish attitudes and customs. ~ Bhob Stewart, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Chapter List
1. Main Titles: For Love Of Money [2:51]
2. Lockwood's Miscalculation [1:21]
3. Our Big Night [4:01]
4. The Happy Couple [5:42]
5. Stupid Toys [3:38]
6. This Is Where The Fun Begins [2:01]
7. It's About The Money [1:38]
8. Reckless Pursuit [5:40]
9. Like A Couple Of Fugitives [3:53]
10. Welcome To Intercourse [3:00]
11. The Cousins From Missouri [6:45]
12. An Evening With The Yoders [5:04]
13. Big John [2:43]
14. Back To The Country [2:18]
15. The End Of A Perfect Day [3:42]
16. The Time Of Their Lives [4:56]
17. Many Happy Returns [1:03]
18. All You Need Is Love [2:38]
19. Out In The Open [5:55]
20. The Party [7:51]
21. In The Mood To Wear Pink [1:33]
22. Transactions With The English [4:09]
23. The Process Of Life [4:05]
24. The Emma Yoder Collection [5:54]
25. Falling In Love Again [4:01]
26. Sometimes You Just Get Lucky [1:06]
27. For Richer Or Poorer [1:32]
28. About Jacob And Emma [1:54]
29. The Long Arm Of The Law [4:18]
30. Real Friends [3:52]
31. A Good Deed, Some Feed And A Steed [1:59]
32. End Titles [4:11]