River [Widescreen]

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This socially conscious family farm drama from director Mark Rydell was his follow up to the Oscar-winning On Golden Pond (1981). Mel Gibson and Sissy Spacek star as Tom and Mae Garvey, struggling Tennessee farmers constantly one step away from foreclosing. Their farm sits next to a river that both nourishes their land and constantly threatens to overflow its banks and destroy their crops. The Garveys sell some of their equipment for obscenely low prices at a foreclosure auction, at which some of their neighbors are forced to give up everything they own. The stoic Tom takes a job as a scab at a mill where the union workers are striking. Meanwhile, Mae has a platonic flirtation with local bank manager Joe (Scott Glenn), who saves her life when she's trapped under a heavy piece of farm equipment. Tom's homecoming is cut short by a flood, but the raging waters allow him to become a hero to his family again. The River was the third in a trio of dramas depicting the plight of the American family farmer released that same year. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

Chapter List

0. Chapter List
1. Main Titles [4:45]
2. The Storm's Fury [3:20]
3. The Need for a Dam [3:18]
4. Another Loan [4:09]
5. The Auction [:37]
6. The Squeeze [8:39]
7. Debts [:19]
8. Scabs [7:43]
9. An Accident [8:00]
10. The Scab's Life [7:39]
11. A Weekend with Tom [:51]
12. The Deer [2:42]
13. The Strikes Over [5:51]
14. The Future [5:04]
15. The River's Rage [5:12]
16. The Stand-Off [4:05]
17. To Fight the River [5:31]
18. End Titles [7:55]

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