Getaway [Widescreen]

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The Getaway, a remake of Sam Peckinpah's excellent escape thriller of the same name, adapted from a story by Jim Thompson, is the story of ill-fated romance on the run. Doc McCoy (Alec Baldwin) is released from a Mexican prison with the help of gangster Jack Benyon (James Woods) who wants Doc's help in the hold-up of a racetrack. With the help of Doc's wife Carol (Kim Basinger), and Jack's thugs Rudy (Michael Madsen) and Frank (Philip Hoffman), the robbery is successful, but a guard is murdered. Doc also finds out that Carol has had an affair with Benyon. Carol shoots Benyon and the two flee for Mexico and freedom. ~ Linda Rasmussen, Rovi

Chapter List

Chapter List
0. Chapter List
1. Target Practice (Main Titles) [17:08]
2. Out Of Mexico [10:52]
3. The Truck Hijack [3:44]
4. Masks And Mayhem [5:08]
5. The Getaway [2:17]
6. The Double-Cross [3:15]
7. Completing The Deal [14:50]
8. The Veterinarian's Wife [3:52]
9. The Storage Locker [11:19]
10. Passing Through New Mexico [4:49]
11. Cops And Cabs [11:16]
12. The Border Hotel [4:46]
13. Setup [4:24]
14. The Ambush [6:54]
15. A Tug Of War [6:19]
16. Vaya Con Dios (End Titles) [4:41]

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