Return to Oz

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This '80s follow-up to The Wizard of Oz is based upon two of L. Frank Baum's later Oz books. In Return to Oz (a version that may be a bit too scary for young children), Auntie Em sends Dorothy to a sanitarium where hopefully she will clear her head from all of the "Oz nonsense." This doesn't work, for soon Dorothy manages to return to Oz, but things have definitely changed. She finds her old friends turned to stone and discovers that the awful Nome King has taken over Oz. ~ Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Chapter Selection
1. Fairuza Balk Introduction [:08]
2. Program Start / Message From Oz [7:57]
3. A Shrink fr Dorothy [7:06]
4. "Would you like a ride?" [3:35]
5. The Escape [3:24]
6. "Where did Kansas go?" [6:25]
7. The Yellow Brick Road [1:38]
8. Beware the Wheelers [4:15]
9. Tik Tok Comes to Life [7:20]
10. Princess Mombi's Selection [5:47]
11. Dorothy's New Friend Jack [6:34]
12. Powder of Life [1:55]
13. Escape From Princess Mombi [9:02]
14. The Nome King's Mountain [5:35]
15. The Nome King's Sympathy [1:44]
16. The Game [9:44]
17. Some Help From Tik Tok [5:01]
18. Scarecrow's Rescue [1:35]
19. The Nome King's Wrath [2:52]
20. Poison Egg [1:44]
21. Dorothy's Wish for Oz [3:35]
22. Queen Ozma Returns [2:20]
23. Dorothy Says Goodbye [5:36]
24. End Credits [4:38]

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