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Dismissed when first released, later heralded as one of director Alfred Hitchcock's finest films (and, according to Hitchcock, his most personal one), this adaptation of the French novel ~D'entre les morts weaves an intricate web of obsession and deceit. It opens as Scottie Ferguson (James Stewart) realizes he has vertigo, a condition resulting in a fear of heights, when a police officer is killed trying to rescue him from falling off a building. Scottie then retires from his position as a private investigator, only to be lured into another case by his old college friend, Gavin Elster (Tom Helmore). Elster's wife, Madeleine (Kim Novak), has been possessed by a spirit, and Elster wants Scottie to follow her. He hesitantly agrees, and thus begins the film's wordless montage as Scottie follows the beautiful yet enigmatic Madeleine through 1950s San Francisco (accompanied by Bernard Herrmann's hypnotic score). After saving her from suicide, Scottie begins to fall in love with her, and she appears to feel the same way. Here tragedy strikes, and each twist in the movie's second half changes our preconceptions about the characters and events. In 1996 a new print of Vertigo was released, restoring the original grandeur of the colors and the San Francisco backdrop, as well as digitally enhancing the soundtrack. ~ Dylan Wilcox, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Titles [3:21]
2. The Fallen Cop [1:37]
3. Johnny-O and Midge [6:19]
4. A Favor for a Friend [5:32]
5. Elster's Wife [5:20]
6. Among the Dead [3:28]
7. A Portrait of Carlotta [2:03]
8. The McKittrick Hotel [6:06]
9. Beautiful Carlotta, Sad Carlotta [4:26]
10. Carlotta's Blood [1:58]
11. To the Golden Gate [2:38]
12. Into the Bay [:59]
13. Scottie's Guest [9:11]
14. Two Wanderers [4:41]
15. The Sequoias [:34]
16. The Fragments of the Mirror [3:40]
17. The Desperate Urge [3:26]
18. Madeleine's Dream [3:03]
19. It's All Real... [3:54]
20. The Tower [3:29]
21. Things Left Undone [2:17]
22. Nightmares [5:31]
23. Melancholia [1:36]
24. Ghosts [3:36]
25. The Woman at the Empire Hotel [2:36]
26. The Living and the Dead [6:27]
27. Because I Remind You of Her... [4:16]
28. The Gentleman Knows What He Wants... [3:05]
29. There's Something in You... [3:46]
30. The Transformation [1:48]
31. The Necklace [1:02]
32. Back Into the Past [5:23]
33. My Second Chance [1:59]
34. There's No Bringing Her Back [2:36]
35. Restoration Credits [3:51]
1. A Masterpiece Almost Lost
2. Development and Restoration
3. Casting and Vistavision
4. Shooting Begins September, 1957
5. The Stars; Locations at San Juan Bautista
6. Costumes by Edith Head
7. Production Design
8. The "Vertigo Effect"
9. Music and Titles
10. "Vertigo" Fully Restored
11. End Title Credits
12. Original Theatrical Trailer
13. Restoration Theatrical Trailer
14. Hitchcock's Foreign Censorship Ending
15. The "Vertigo" Archives