Great Escape [Widescreen]

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The Great Escape is based on the true story of a group of Allied prisoners of war who managed to escape from an allegedly impenetrable Nazi prison camp during World War II. At the beginning of the film, the Nazis gather all their most devious and troublesome POWs and place them at a new prison camp, which was designed to be impervious to escapes. Immediately, the prisoners develop a scheme where they will leave the camp by building three separate escape tunnels. Richard Attenborough is the British soldier who masterminds the whole plan, and who commands his motley squad--featuring Charles Bronson as a Polish trench-digging expert, James Garner as an American with a talent for theft, Donald Pleasence as a masterful forger, and Steve McQueen as an American rebel--through the construction of the tunnels and, eventually, their escape. An epic adventure film, The Great Escape runs nearly three hours, featuring a rousing Elmer Bernstein score and exciting action sequences -- including a notorious motorcycle chase between McQueen and the Nazis -- the likes of which had never been seen before in Hollywood productions. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi

Chapter List

Scene Selections
0. Scene Selections
1. Main Titles [:21]
2. The Prisoners Arrive [3:22]
3. Escape Attempt #1 [4:45]
4. The Blind Spot [8:18]
5. To The Cooler [:28]
6. Barlett's Arrival [1:40]
7. The Objective [3:23]
8. The Escape Committee [4:32]
9. Forger & Scrounger [4:19]
10. Stealing Steel [2:24]
11. Tunneling Begins. [1:21]
12. Spot Inspection [2:17]
13. Hilts & Ives' Plan [4:19]
14. Come All Ye Faithful [1:09]
15. Tempting The Guard [:17]
16. Dealing For A Camera [2:27]
17. Tunnel Collapse [2:06]
18. Independence Day [2:51]
19. Finding "Tom" [6:24]
20. Doubts Abut Blythe [1:21]
21. The Escape Begins [8:48]
22. 20 Feet Short [3:28]
23. Discovered! [1:56]
24. The Chase [1:53]
25. Death At The Station [6:13]
26. Taking The Plane [1:42]
27. Crash Landing [5:16]
28. Motorcycle Pursuit [2:48]
29. The Resistance [7:25]
30. The Massacre [2:00]
31. Back To The Cooler [6:04]
32. End Titles [6:36]