Overboard [Widescreen]

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This screwball comedy casts real-life couple Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn in a film that finds the latter returning to her roots in a role reminiscent of Private Benjamin (1980). Hawn stars as Joanna Stayton, a snooty heiress who summons carpenter Dean Proffitt (Russell) to her lavish yacht, where she wants an expanded closet constructed that will house her valuable wardrobe. When Dean fails to build the closet out of cedar, Joanna haughtily dismisses him without payment. Later, Joanna falls overboard and is struck by another boat, causing amnesia. Seeing her story on the news, Dean constructs an elaborate scheme to pretend that Joanna is his wife, Annie. Soon, the former rich snob is cleaning Dean's home and babysitting his four rambunctious boys. Although at first she's a disaster, "Annie" grows into her role and begins to love being a mom and middle-class wife. When her real husband, Grant (Edward Herrmann), comes looking for her, however, her memory is jogged, and she must decide between a life of privileged ease and a life of happy housework. Overboard was the feature-film debut of writer Leslie Dixon, the granddaughter of famed photographer Dorothea Lange. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Scene Selections
1. Logo/Main Title [3:29]
2. Meeting Joanna [4:38]
3. Dean Gets Fired [4:38]
4. Of Mummies & Monsters [2:49]
5. Overboard... [2:00]
6. ...And Ill-Mannered [3:28]
7. "The Bitch!"... [1:44]
8. ...And The Pitch [3:55]
9. "I Just Ate A Bug!" [1:37]
10. Meeting The Monsters [4:51]
11. Burn Victim [2:36]
12. "I'm A Short, Fat Slut" [2:36]
13. The Dream [3:14]
14. Scores Of Chores [3:44]
15. Finding A Memory [2:03]
16. Photographic Evidence [2:12]
17. Payback Is Swell [5:05]
18. "Anal Compulsive Hun" [3:22]
19. Parent-To-Parent Talk [:46]
20. French & Fertilizer [5:34]
21. The Wonders Of Golf [3:28]
22. Dean's Confession [2:19]
23. Arturo & Katarina [3:21]
24. A Snag In The Wool [5:30]
25. The Grand Opening [5:12]
26. Grant Returns [1:50]
27. Leaving Elk Cove [3:43]
28. Almost Fully Recovered [3:15]
29. Andrew's Insight [3:59]
30. "You Left Me There" [3:51]
31. Arturo & Katarina II [2:17]
32. End Credits [6:16]