Dark Star [Widescreen]

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The directorial debut of horrormeister John Carpenter comes in the way of Dark Star a parody of Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, 2001--A Space Odyssey. The story follows four hippyish techno-nerds in their mission through deep space to destroy planets and ward off boredom and loneliness as they attempt to hold on to what little they can remember of Earth. When their weapons system malfunctions, they are forced to deal with a "smart" bomb trapped in the launching mechanism, and the acting captain must debate phenomenology with the device in order to dissuade it from destroying them all. The film also features an imaginative and amusing struggle between one crew member and an inflatable alien he attempts to keep as a pet, a long reflection on the virtues of surfing, a series of personality struggles, and a cryogenically-frozen captain whose brain is preserved on computer for the purpose of consultation. ~ Jeremy Beday, Rovi

Chapter List

Chapter Stops
0. Chapter Stops
0. Menu Group #1 with 18 chapter(s) covering 01:22:19
1. Earth's Communication. [2:00]
2. The Bomb Run. [6:59]
3. Title Sequence. [2:58]
4. The Dark Star Log. [1:11]
5. Extra Scenes From 1974 Release. [9:41]
6. Solitude Of The Dome. [3:22]
7. Too Much Leisure. [2:00]
8. Lunch Time Antics. [3:13]
9. Pinback Gets The Shaft. [:28]
10. Table Talk. [:45]
11. Malfunction. [:36]
12. Dear Diary. [:23]
13. Let's vaporize it! [6:09]
14. The Emergency Airlock. [:50]
15. Drop Sequence. [:17]
16. Talking With Commander Powell. [1:07]
17. Destruction Sequence. [6:22]
18. Let there be light. [:09]