Adventures of Baron Munchausen [Widescreen]

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Director Terry Gilliam adroitly applies his Monty Python sensibilities upon the "career" of famed German prevaricator Baron von Munchausen. Played herein by John Neville, the baron is seen quelling a war that he himself started, flying into the stratosphere on the back of a cannonball, ballooning to the moon, exploring the innards of a volcano, being swallowed by a whale....In short, all of Munchausen's fabulous lies are here presented as "truth," played out in full view of nonplussed witnesses Eric Idle, Charles McKeown, Jack Purvis, and Sarah Polley. Fringe benefits include several loving medium shots of jaybird-naked Uma Thurman as Boticelli's Venus and an extended unbilled cameo by Robin Williams -- that is, by the head of Robin Williams -- as the King of the Moon. Filmed under considerable duress on a budget eventually exceeding 45 million dollars, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen never quite caught on with moviegoers, though it has enjoyed a lucrative afterlife on videocassette. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

0. Side#1--
0. Scene Selections
1. Start. [3:18]
2. Henry Salt & Son. [4:57]
3. Act II. [7:04]
4. A wager. [2:21]
5. "Torturer's apprentice". [2:53]
6. Awakening Bertholdt. [3:13]
7. Empty treasury. [3:07]
8. Theatre under siege. [7:07]
9. Cannonball exress. [5:51]
10. Inflatable knickers. [6:07]
11. Off to the moon. [4:10]
12. Royal welcome. [5:58]
13. Bertholdt. [5:42]
14. A jealous king. [6:46]
15. With Vulcan. [5:43]
16. Venus. [9:18]
17. Expelled. [1:43]
18. World's other side. [5:10]
19. Adolphus & Gustavus. [3:35]
20. Bucephalus & snuff. [3:13]
21. "The town! We're here!". [2:10]
22. The Baron surrenders. [3:10]
23. Executioner's block. [3:14]
24. Routing the Turk. [5:50]
25. Victory parade. [3:04]
26. "I met my death.". [5:02]
27. Adieu. [1:14]
28. End credits. [4:54]