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One of the more popular features from Roger Corman's "B"-factory @Concorde/New Horizons, Carnosaur perpetuates the grand Corman tradition of zeroing in on a big-budget Hollywood studio moneymaker, then dashing off a quick-and-dirty poor man's version before moss gets a chance to grow on the larger film's concept. This bargain-basement spin on Jurassic Park was actually based on a novel by John Brosnan (under the pseudonym Harry Adam Knight). It features Diane Ladd (whose daughter Laura Dern took the high road on Spielberg's film) as a kooky mad scientist whose experiments on human and dinosaur DNA result in dual disasters -- first, a rubbery midget Tyrannosaurus bred from dinosaur and chicken DNA (imagine the barbecue potential!) which escapes the lab and goes on the requisite bloody rampage; and second, a specially-engineered virus with the ability to replace human beings with dino-babies. Although this exploitation quickie doesn't waste too much time delivering the standard Corman cargo (blood and breasts), the mayhem is too often derailed by endless genetic techno-babble from Ladd, whose freaked-out performance is the film's sole plus. The downbeat ending is pure '80s, and paves the way for the inevitable sequels. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1
0. Scene Index
1. Public Enemy #1 [3:54]
2. First Strike [2:31]
3. Nervous Hens [2:52]
4. Making A Comeback [4:00]
5. You'll Know It [4:07]
6. Migration Route [4:34]
7. Killer Poultry [4:58]
8. Better Blue Berries [1:48]
9. Genetic Instructions [3:19]
10. Jay's Diner [3:12]
11. Tastes Like Chicken [2:39]
12. Growing Real Fast [2:22]
13. I Designed It [3:07]
14. Bad Eggs [2:20]
15. Target Species [3:22]
16. Evolutionary Battlefield [3:02]
17. Code Blue [4:25]
18. Change from Within [2:47]
19. Hunting Season [3:52]
20. It's Too Late [5:20]
21. Dinosaur Highway [3:03]
22. Ultimate Antivirus [2:24]
23. Fighting Back [3:42]
24. Final Solution [5:02]