Goofy Movie

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This animated Disney feature is based on a popular afternoon television show. The story centers on Goofy's teenage son, Max, who is terrified that he will grow up to be as dorky a dog as his daffy daddy. Just as shy Max has screwed up enough courage to ask his dreamgirl, Roxanne, on a date, Goofy stumbles in and announces that they need to spend some quality time together, and then drags Max off on a vacation. Just before they leave, Max tells Roxanne that he will be in the audience at the next Powerline concert, which is to be televised. As Goofy heads for the forest for some huntin' and some fishin', "hyuk," Max schemes to get them to LA where he hopes they will be able to sneak backstage after the concert and fulfill his promise to Roxanne. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Chapter Selection
1. Main Title/What A Dream [:58]
2. "After Today" [:58]
3. School Assembly/'Stand Out"|00:00:58||
4. Making A Date [2:35]
5. Slight Change Of Plans [2:44]
6. An Outrageous Excuse [6:24]
7. "On The Open Road" [6:04]
8. Pit Stop At Possum Park [3:33]
9. An Encounter With Bigfoot [4:22]
10. "Hi, Dad" Soup [3:56]
11. A Change Of Destination [9:23]
12. A New Navigator [4:09]
13. Bearer Of Bad News [2:14]
14. At A Crossroad [2:33]
15. Out Of Control [4:51]
16. "Nobody Else But You" [3:05]
17. Perilous Waters [1:53]
18. A Promise Fulfilled [2:28]
19. Doing The Right Thing [2:30]
20. End Credits [3:08]