Adventures in Babysitting [Widescreen]

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Teenager Chris Parker (Elisabeth Shue) would rather party with her boyfriend, but when her beau breaks their date she reluctantly accepts a babysitting job. It isn't all TV and icebox-raiding when Chris' best friend Brenda (Penelope Ann Miller) calls her to announce that she's stranded at the bus station. With her youthful charges in tow (one of whom, 15-year-old Brad (Keith Coogan), has a hopeless crush on the babysitter), Chris heads into downtown Chicago to go to Brenda's rescue. Thus begins a roller coaster ride of comic mishaps, unexpected perils and hairbreadth escapes. In one bit, blues singer Albert Collins refuses to allow Chris and company to leave the nightclub they've wandered into until they agree to sing along with a song borrowed from, of all things the 1939 B-picture Nancy Drew, Reporter! . Screenwriter and Steven Spielberg protégé Chris Columbus made his directorial debut with Adventures in Babysitting. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1
0. Side #1
0. Chapter Selection
1. Opening credits/Bad news. [:02]
2. The adventure begins. [4:52]
3. A distress call. [4:52]
4. The more the merrier. [:29]
5. Blowout on the expressway. [:29]
6. Handsome John Pruitt. [5:52]
7. Grand theft auto. [3:26]
8. The chop shop. [2:46]
9. Over and out. [3:34]
10. Singing the blues. [6:03]
11. Rapid transit rumble. [2:27]
12. Emergency!. [5:39]
13. The frat party. [6:00]
14. A slow dance. [9:47]
15. Sara meets Thor. [4:37]
16. An awkward anniversary. [5:37]
17. On the run. [3:53]
18. Inside the cocktail party. [5:09]
19. The rescue. [5:00]
20. Hurrying on home. [4:10]
21. The greatest night so far. [4:50]
22. End credits. [2:40]