I'll Be Home for Christmas

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Teen heartthrob and Home Improvement star Jonathon Taylor-Thomas stars in this @Disney Christmas film that is a teenaged variation on the Planes Trains and Automobiles theme. Jake has missed Christmas in New York with his family these past few years, so as an incentive, his father promises him a 1957 red Porsche if he makes it home by Christmas Eve. No sweat, until an unexpected twist blows up in poor Jake's face. It seems that the "cheat sheet" he supplied the college football team was incorrect, and the whole team is out to get him. For revenge, they leave him in the middle of the California desert in a Santa Claus suit (his hat and white beard are glued to his face) with no wallet, no cash, and no identification. To make matters worse, Eddie, one of the football players and Jake's arch-nemesis, is now hitting on Jake's girlfriend Allie. What's poor old Jake to do? Well, if you guessed hitchhike, freeload, con, fly, crawl, race and bully an array of colorful characters, you guessed correctly. ~ Chris Gore, Rovi

Chapter List

Chapter Selection.
0. Chapter Selection.
1. Opening Credits. [4:07]
2. Allie. [4:07]
3. Shiny Red Porsche. [:24]
4. Revenge Of The Jocks. [4:14]
5. The Middle Of Nowhere. [5:02]
6. North Pole Or Bust. [4:35]
7. Chasing Mrs. Claus. [6:25]
8. A New Way Home. [7:13]
9. A Lesson In "HO HO HO". [6:47]
10. The Honeymoon Suite. [9:33]
11. The Santa 5K Run. [3:34]
12. Allie Alone. [9:00]
13. Riding With Ringo. [7:37]
14. 5:45 Pm. [1:57]
15. "A Real Kiss". [1:35]
16. Jake's Christmas Parade. [2:55]
17. End Credits. [5:10]