Green Berets [Widescreen]

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The Green Berets is an exciting war film that was lambasted by critics who at the time of its release opposed the war in Vietnam. Wayne's role is similar to his part in The Longest Day (1963), but it was evident to the worldwide public that the same bravado that flew well in World War II crash-landed in 1968 in the wake of a very different war and political time. Wayne plays the hard-nosed rough-and-ready Colonel Mike Kirby who heads a courageous bunch of tough-as-nails Green Berets determined to capture an important enemy general. They are accompanied by a skeptical reporter who soon becomes a gung-ho red-white-and-blue patriot as the Colonel and the others lecture and show him why they must defeat the "commies." Interestingly, despite the massive anti-war sentiments of the times, the film grossed over 11 million at the box-office and is especially notable for the fine battle scenes. The film also features the hit song "Ballad of the Green Berets," sung by Sgt. Barry Sadler. ~ Dan Pavlides, Rovi

Chapter List

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1. Credits (The Ballad of the Green Berets). [1:57]
2. Fort Bragg. [3:31]
3. Q & A. [7:01]
4. The scrounger. [3:20]
5. Rise and shine. [1:18]
6. DaNang. [5:31]
7. Names of dead heroes. [1:35]
8. Along for the ride: Beckworth. [4:58]
9. Strike Camp. [6:19]
10. Rain; Capt. Nim. [6:18]
11. Night harassment. [3:46]
12. Chopper warfare. [5:43]
13. The Seabees. [2:28]
14. A spy. [3:31]
15. Negotiations with the chieftain. [5:48]
16. Foot patrol. [2:30]
17. A village in ashes. [7:33]
18. Tabasco. [2:35]
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0. Jump to a Scene
1. Enemy attack. [4:08]
2. Bulldog's down! [2:31]
3. Falling back. [6:20]
4. Air strike. [3:34]
5. The battle at dawn. [3:42]
6. Puff the Magic (Flying) Dragon. [2:01]
7. Camp reclaimed. [2:19]
8. Provo's request. [3:16]
9. Plan Bravo. [3:17]
10. The word is alert. [3:39]
11. Kowalski's last stand. [2:49]
12. Dividing the squad. [3:24]
13. Closing in on the general. [3:37]
14. Inside...and back out. [5:09]
15. Blowing the bridge. [4:22]
16. Lift-off. [2:51]
17. Petersen takes the point. [2:46]
18. A sad return. [5:15]
19. Cast List. [:58]