Excalibur [Widescreen]

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John Boorman directed this gloriously savage interpretation of Arthurian legend loosely based on Thomas Malory's novel -Le Morte d'Arthur. By turns gleaming and filthy, tender and bloody, the film is a visually stunning epic which is never less than compelling. Nigel Terry is perfectly cast as Arthur, whose unwavering trust and faith are shown to be both quietly heroic and achingly naïve. Interestingly, the quest for the Grail is the least effective part of the film, despite bold cinematography by Alex Thomson (who was nominated for an Oscar) and a fine performance by Paul Geoffrey as Perceval, whose greatest desire is attained in his dying sight. It is the scenes of Camelot in which Boorman is at his most effective, as Arthur is betrayed by the burning passions of Guenevere (Cherie Lunghi) and Lancelot (Nicholas Clay), whose boiling internal forces cannot be denied, whatever the cost. The wicked Mordred (Robert Addie) and Morgana (Helen Mirren) are commanding when onscreen, and Nicol Williamson's performance as the grandiosely self-sacrificing Merlin is outstanding. Liam Neeson and Patrick Stewart also appear in this dense, passionate, and stirring triumph featuring a marvelous Trevor Jones score. The gruesome effects by Peter Hutchinson and Alan Whibley, however, and sights such as a knight having sex in full body armor make this a fairy tale strictly for adults. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Scene Selections
1. The dark ages. [3:17]
2. Sword of power. [1:46]
3. Lust shatters a truce. [2:47]
4. A bargain. [2:40]
5. The dragon's breath. [3:05]
6. Uther and Igrayne. [2:34]
7. Merlin's claim. [3:35]
8. Uther's fall. [3:15]
9. Jousting day. [3:05]
10. Arthur draws the sword. [4:43]
11. Arthur and Merlin. [4:06]
12. Leondegrances's castle under siege. [5:06]
13. The acknowledged king. [1:59]
14. This lunacy called love. [3:41]
15. Arthur and Lancelot. [4:58]
16. The Lady of the Lake. [4:02]
17. The fellowship of the Round Table. [2:47]
18. An escort - and a love vow. [2:19]
19. The wedding; Morgana and Merlin spar. [3:27]
20. Lancelot meets Perceval. [2:14]
21. The court of Camelot. [2:39]
22. The queen's honor challenged. [4:48]
23. Lancelot's dream. [1:54]
24. Lancelot duels Gawain. [5:16]
25. "But a king should be afraid.". [1:42]
26. Truth above all. [2:42]
27. Arthur's time. [1:18]
28. The caverns of knowledge. [3:44]
29. The charm of making. [2:22]
30. Mordred conceived and born. [2:41]
31. Quest for the Grail. [10:18]
32. Mordred leads a revolt. [2:20]
33. The death of Uryens. [2:51]
34. Perceval meets Lancelot. [1:29]
35. The secret of the Grail. [2:08]
36. Perceval rallies Arthur. [2:53]
37. Reunited with Guenevere and Excalibur. [3:01]
38. The land of dreams. [3:00]
39. The death of Morgana. [4:36]
40. The battle. [2:07]
41. Arthur and Lancelot. [2:34]
42. "Let us embrace at last.". [2:04]
43. Excalibur reclaimed. [2:42]
44. Arthur's journey. [:30]
45. End credits. [3:10]